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OPAWL is hiring creatives for our upcoming storytelling campaign, Love Has No Borders: A call for justice in our immigration system!

OPAWL is seeking photographers and videographers to capture the stories of Asian, Black, and Latinx community members who will be featured in the Love Has No Borders campaign launching this summer. This project aims to uplift Ohio & Midwestern immigration narratives and shift public support for comprehensive immigration reform that will reunite and keep families together. In this campaign, storytellers who have been impacted by the U.S. immigration system will share their immigration stories via photography, short-form video, podcast episodes, photo essays, and human impact stories on social media and a digital gallery on our website.

The Love Has No Borders campaign aims to:

  • Challenge, disrupt, and change harmful narratives about immigration
  • Build solidarity between communities of color and between communities impacted by different immigration issues
  • Complement OPAWL’s legislative advocacy goals
  • Empower, educate, and equip Ohioans to take action (self-reflection, community care, participation in legislative advocacy, sharing OPAWL’s content on social media, talking to friends and family about the need for change)
  • Create healing, visibility, and belonging for immigrants in Ohio and beyond

Thanks to a grant from the Value Our Families coalition, we are able to offer $2500 compensation for a videographer (ideally in Northeast Ohio), and $1000 compensation for a photographer (ideally in Central Ohio), plus mileage reimbursement. All proposals should be sent digitally to Reiya Bhat at


The deadline for proposals is June 10 at 5pm.

Share this with your friends and family to spread the word!