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  • Watch the recording of our virtual #IWillEatWithYou Immigration Justice & Storytelling dinner discussion event
  • Share your story as part of OPAWL’s 2021 campaign for a more just and equitable immigration system:

Resources for attendees:

  1. Value Our Families:
  2. Op-ed about family immigration by Johanna Puno Hester
  3. [VIDEO] Last Week Tonight episode on Legal Immigration
  4. [VIDEO] Last Week Tonight episode on Asylum
  5. Value Our Families FAQ on “Merit”/Points-based systems
  6. CHIRLA’s Primer on Points-based Systems
  7. Specific attacks to the immigration system in 2020
  8. Summary of Rep. Chu’s Reuniting Families Act

Questions for continued discussion/reflection:

  1. Was there anything the panelists shared that resonated with you or your family’s story?
  2. What would an immigration system that’s based on empathy, love, and justice look like and feel like?
  3. How do you think we can build solidarity between immigrant communities?
  4. How are you seeing immigration issues or narratives in the election?
  5. In the US, many people tend to have a false monolithic perception of what immigrant communities look like. How do we dismantle those stereotypes?
Share this with your friends and family to spread the word!