The Cleveland Observer, April 14, 2021

Excerpt from the article:

OPAWL is one of the organizations providing resources for members of the AAPI who have faced these challenges. As OPAWL co-director Tessa Xuan said in her powerful speech:

“As Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander women, non-binary, and transgender people across Ohio, members of OPAWL who are here with us today come from many different backgrounds, from Palestine to Cambodia to Guáhan [Guam] to the Philippines.

But all of us have been impacted by sexual or racial violence long before the pandemic. Most of us are also dealing with intergenerational trauma from our families being separated, being bombed, being colonized and persecuted.”

The shooting in Atlanta that claimed the lives of six women was not something new. It was the latest chapter in an ongoing volume of the marginalizing violence that AAPI women, non-binary, and transgender folk have faced historically.

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