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Cleveland Scene, May 5, 2020

Excerpt from article:

Moreso, how much individuals feel the government is effectively responding to their needs will affect their motivation to participate civically. “When you’re doing voter engagement or census outreach, it’s not really just about the election or accurate census, it’s about this more long term goal of having a community that feels like they have some power over their lives,” said Tessa Xuan, chair of the grassroots organization Ohio Progressive Asian Women’s Leadership. “It’s a long process to get to that point.”

For now, local community members are rallying to support businesses that have been left behind. OPAWL launched a social media campaign called #IWillEatWithYou to encourage people to buy takeout or groceries from Asian-owned businesses and enjoy a meal with loved ones through Zoom, Facetime, a phone call or other options. Participants have ordered carryout from restaurants like Li Wah and posted images of their virtual meals with the hashtag.

“We wanted to show solidarity with these small business owners and to emphasize that it’s still important to eat together,” said Xuan. “Caring for each other and having a more collective mindset is what we’re going to need to survive and get through the pandemic.”

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Share this with your friends and family to spread the word!