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OPAWL is excited to announce the launch of our podcast!

Those who were familiar with OPAWL Cincinnati’s open-mic storytelling events before the pandemic will recognize Dear World, which has been reimagined into podcast/radio show form and is co-hosted by Balpreet Kaur (she/they) and Tessa Xuan (she/they). In each episode, we bring together Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander women and nonbinary/trans folks to share their exuberant, messy, complicated and… real stories about living in the intersections of culture, gender, sexuality, geography, time, class and experience. Every episode will bring forth a different theme where AAPI and other BIPOC women and nonbinary/trans folks from all over the US will share their stories, unfiltered and raw.

We ask them: If they had a chance to share their story with the world, what would they say?

In addition to hosting a monthly online radio show on Verge.FM, we have our first 2 episodes available for listening on, Spotify, Google podcasts and more. In our first episode, Balpreet and Tessa talk with Palestinian American school psychologist, researcher, and activist Shereen Naser (she/her) about what the past year meant for AAPIs and our respective diasporic communities. In episode 2, our co-hosts talk with Kathy Nguyen (she/her), a Vietnamese American child of immigrants, social justice leader and educator about how their relationships with their racial identities have evolved.

We can’t wait to hear what our community thinks! To give us feedback, or if you have a story to share and would like to appear on Dear World as a future guest, please get in touch with us via email or social media. You can reach us at or @teamopawl.


Share this with your friends and family to spread the word!