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Similar thoughts were expressed by others representing members of the Equal Districts Coalition, which consists of more than 30 labor, advocacy, and civil-rights organizations. They asserted that a truly fair map would give Republicans an edge in only eight of 15 districts, a reflection of GOP statewide candidates garnering an average of 55% of the vote during the past decade.

“Gerrymandered maps mean that one party is intent on representing a special interest — and that interest is themselves,” said Petee Talley, chief officer of the Ohio Coalition on Black Civic Participation. “No one party should have seats in Congress so grossly exaggerated and not representative of how the voters in Ohio cast their votes.”

Jona Hilario, statewide co-director of the Ohio Progressive Asian Women’s Leadership organization, said the proposed congressional map is designed to dilute the power of minority populations.

“These maps were drawn without taking into consideration the racial composition of districts,” Hilario said. “This is wholly unacceptable and incredibly disrespectful to our communities.”

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